Original Copy

2 displaycases, billiard cloth, 2 biscuit tins, objects, sound. 14min. Voice by Willem de Wolf, design infrastructures, 2015

Original Copy is an attempt to reconstruct the complete contents of a found biscuit tin. The original metal box contains what seems to be an arbitrary collection, in which the original owner has brought together all kinds of objects that had no obvious place elsewhere. Since nothing in the box leads one to suppose that any of the objects were added after 1960, it functions as a kind of time capsule. In this respect it is unlike most normal time capsules, which contain a selection of objects that are presumed to say something about the era in which they were inserted. The work is accompanied by a voice-over which gives a detailed description of the contents. For many of the objects, both the original and the copy match the description yet we can see an obvious difference between the object and its reconstruction.