Elective Affinities

In collaboration with Egon Van Herreweghe I started a project called Elective Affinities. The project is inspired by the visual associative methodology developed by the German art historian Aby Warburg in his Mnemosyne Atlas. In each “edition” of this project, two artists use a photocopier to create various visual ensembles based on a supply of found imagery. A temporary studio is set up for this purpose where the images can be collected, combined and finally reproduced. In the process, a visual dialogue develops in which the artists react to each others proposals by adding images and revising existing ensembles, or by following lines that emerge in the course of the process. Since the interpretation of these actions does not turn into a verbal discourse, it creates room for an intuitive process that facilitates rapid, direct interaction. At the end of the project, the image ensembles are reproduced as a magazine. The number of copies of the magazine is identical to the number of pages created. The first collaboration in this project took place in 2012 between myself and Egon Van Herreweghe. He then took part in a second edition with Lara Dhondt in 2014. During the 81 Things I Thought I’d Forgotten exhibition in 2015, I will collaborate in two further editions with Peter Morrens (Z33) and Batia Suter (De Brakke Grond) respectively.

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