Temps Mort

8mm-film transferred to 16mm-film, 20min, synchronized recordplayer, IICADOM 2010-2013 - Produced with the support of EHMN & de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Temps Mort is a term I use to designate one of the categories of my film archive. This category forms the basis of the installation of the same name, a 16 mm film which is synchronized with a record player. The film shows a montage of fragments from the archive of content that resulted from the film maker’s need to fill the roll of film to the end before sending it for processing. These images, in effect a way of killing time, are intriguing because they do not depict the “unique” moments of which the archive mainly consists but commonplace, banal scenes that seem closer to the real world. The visual language I use in the film refers to that of amateur film makers who, lacking the equipment to record a sound track, were able to provide additional information only in the form purchased or self-made placards.