8mm-film transferred to 16mm-film, 3 Kodak Slide Carousels, 6 books, 10 min, IICADOM 2013

The work Attraction combines a montage of found 8 mm footage from the Attraction category of the archive with three carousel slide-projectors, each of which projects a text in a different language. The projected texts refer to the use of intertitles in the silent film era, an early narration method that also appears in home movies. I see each of the three languages as representing a different facet of my somewhat schizophrenic role as an artist/archivist/researcher. The Dutch text is the most personal (Dutch being my mother tongue), the French text represents the haut culture of the contemplative language of philosophy, and the English text stands for the language of internationality and objective science. Each of the three languages addresses, in its own way, the notion of institutionalization.